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In association with Deimos, MCNZ has it's very own Hunger Games! We make our own maps, rules and permissions to try and maximise the enjoyment for the players. Hunger Games is run on a completely separate server to Deimos so that it doesn't sap resources and affect player experience on either server. Due to this, announcements will be broadcast across Deimos/forums prior to the start of a Hunger Games match to allow players time to make there way over to the games. To keep the players of Deimos informed on what's going on during a match, the Hunger Games kill feed will be broadcast to Deimos.



  • Tribute
    • Players who fight to the death to be the ultimate victor.
  • GameMaker
    • Deimos Staff members who help moderate the games.
  • GameAdmin
    • They run and initiate the games and have the final say in any related matter.

Rules & Information

The following should answer any questions you have about the map/s and how the games work:

  • There will only be one victor.
  • When you join the Hunger Games server, do not spam the chat asking to be selected as a Tribute .
  • There is no block breaking/placing whatsoever (it has been disabled for Tributes in permissions).
  • The map/s are enclosed in a circular border, 1000 blocks in diameter.
  • There are 11 or 12 starting blocks, depending on which map is played.
  • There are hidden chests around the map that you must locate in order to survive.
  • If you fall in a hole or get stuck somewhere, you will not be helped out unless you have proved yourself valiant in the games, in which case a GameMaker will get you out.
  • There are no spectators.
  • If there are very few players left, and the remaining Tributes are very far away from eachother, all Tributes may be teleported to the Cornucopia for a showdown.
  • If you disconnect during a game for a long period of time, you will be disqualified.
  • There are hostile mobs but no Creepers or Endermen.
  • GameMakers will not spawn mobs on you or pester you.
  • Cornucopia chests may be restocked at any time.
  • There are no sponsors.
  • Cornucopia chests will be restocked so hang around there for better items.

Final Hints

  • Find chests.
  • Watch your step.
  • KILL everyone.

IP Address



  • Map 1: 'Terra'
    • Map designer: Jackal_Bites
    • Map helpers: camz98, redquartz, Lucky_NZ, Googal, WillyP123, (It was a while ago so I've forgotten who else helped).
  • Map 2: 'Jungle'
    • Map designer: Jackal_Bites
    • Map helpers: Googal, redquartz, WillyP123, 7point8, shadowsaw, SirMitchell93.
  • Map 3: '???'

(For any questions/suggestions about MCNZ Hunger Games, message Jackal_Bites ingame or on the forums).

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